Matthew Routley

Warming up ⛷

-20 degrees, but there are smiles under the scarves ⛷

I’m keen to adopt an iPad first approach. This MacStories article is a good primer and motivator…

The long nightmare of the 24-hour internet outage is over…

For awhile now I’ve been meaning to get serious about automation on iOS. The Siri Shortcuts Field Guide from @macsparky is a great, comprehensive introduction. While taking the course, I built a good dozen useful shortcuts and have many ideas for more.

Ed Harcourt’s album Beyond the End has been great headphone music for at work 🎶…

Fun to be back ⛷


Another Christmas dinner

Good advice from a philosopher on how to disagree constructively:

Many of my best friends think that some of my deeply held beliefs about important issues are obviously false or even nonsense. Sometimes, they tell me so to my face. How can we still be friends? Part of the answer is that these friends and I are philosophers, and philosophers learn how to deal with positions on the edge of sanity.

The Barchef project is delicious

Out for a Christmas stroll

The Kano computer is a great product. Fun and easy to build with lots of good built in software.

Merry Christmas

A quiet, snowy run today.


Preparing the tree

Here’s some “behind the scenes” geospatial analysis I used in a recent @PsephoAnalytics post. This was a good excuse to experiment with the sf #rstats 📦 which makes this much easier than my old workflows

Our predictions for the recent election in Toronto held up well. We were within 6%, on average, with a slight bias towards overestimating Keesmaat’s support. Now we’ll add more demographic richness to our agents and reduce the geographical distribution of errors…

Sean Carroll’s Mindscape podcast is one of my new favourites 🎙

Seems like something to strive for these days:

it is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence…

Interested in analytics and transit planning? I’m looking for an Analyst to help Metrolinx generate and communicate evidence for project evaluation…

Thanks to generous support, the 4th Axe Pancreatic Cancer fundraiser was a great success. We raised over $32K this year and all funds support the PancOne Network. So far, we’ve raised close to $120K in honour of my Mom. Thanks to everyone that has supported this important cause!

Raising funds for pancreatic cancer research by throwing axes. Great fun!

Fascinating to think of creating cognitive scaffolding for elephants…